Autonomous cars are soon going to hit the street

The San Francisco based online multinational transportation company Uber announced about their driverless cars. The company also had set up an Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburg to build the self driving car. On June 14th, 2016 the Chief Producer officer at Uber, Jeff Holden spoke at the conference about the driverless cars and said that the ride sharing company will launch their service sooner than the expected time period. The self driving cars are not replaced the drivers because the autonomous car service will hail only in some cities and thus the drivers who are working with the company need not worry about the new feature. The ride sharing giant hired software developers from the National Robotics Engineering center, Carnegie Mellon University to build the self driving cars.

In May, the app based company did a test ride with the driverless Ford Fusion car on the roads of Pittsburg. The officials in the past said that they ran the test ride to make sure that the technological implementation was correct and also to check whether everyone on the road like the cyclist, pedestrians and other drivers were safe. The ride sharing company partnered with the Japanese automaker, Toyota Motors earlier this year. This partnership will speed up the process of developing the driverless cars and launching the service for public transport because many other car makers in the industry have partnered with Zoplay Clone Team other ride sharing companies to develop driverless cars. The main target of the company is to provide reliable service for the customers in lower price.


Rides can book their Uber ride in advance

The ride sharing company offers the riders to schedule their rides well in advance. The Head of the product at Uber, Russell Dicker said that many riders wished to book an Uber ride in advance so that they can have an assurance that they can ride back home without any worries. The Scheduled ride feature is introduced in Seattle and the company said that they will expand the feature in other cities as well. The business customers and people who have a business profile are given the first preference in the scheduled rides. During the scheduled ride, the riders can book the ride half an hour before they ride to thirty days in Ondemand Startup App advance from their mobile app. The riders can select their preferred trip time, the pickup point and the destination. They will receive an advance notification twenty four hours before their ride and they will receive their second notification half an hour before the ride. They can modify the location or they can cancel their ride thirty minutes before their ride.

When there is a surge pricing while the driver leaves for dispatch, the riders will get the notification about the surge price. Then the riders have 5 minutes to decide on whether to ride the cab with surge price or cancel the trip without paying any fine. Lyft was the first ride sharing company to introduce the Scheduled ride feature and launched a test ride in San Francisco before offering the service in other cities. The only difference between both the services is that Lyft allows the riders only to schedule the ride only to a maximum of twenty four hours.


Relationship between GV and Uber

In 2013 Uber received three hundred million dollars funds from the Google Ventures. Both the tech company and the ride sharing company are working together to build the autonomous automobiles. But when Google’s parent company Alphabet’s senior Vice President David Drummond joined the ride sharing company’s board, since then they ramped up the driverless car designing. In a recent conference the CEO of Google Ventures, Bill Maris said that the relationship between both the companies is healthy and that the ride sharing company is working with Google Maps to improve their navigational feature. He also said that when two big companies partner together they will either compete or cooperate with each other’s business. Google Ventures CEO plans to meet with the ride sharing company’s senior Vice President of business Emily Michael and the CEO Travis Kalanick.

Last year, many top rank employees from Google moved to Uber like Christoff, who supervised former Google CEO and managed the East coast team, the communication head Rachel Whetstone, Manik Gupta worked with Google Maps, Google Express founder Tom Fallows. So Bill Maris said that he has many of his old friends in the ride sharing company. The app based company’s stocks that were bought by the Google Ventures are not sold in the market. The officials from the company said that they do not have any plans to sell the transportation company’s stock. GV CEO said that the transportation company has the potential to widen their network and transform the transportation service but are not aware of their strength.